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A word with Head of Sales & Client Account Management – Robert Sultana

by Instacoins Author|Dec 19, 2022|0 Comments
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Robert Sultana, Head of Sales & Client Account Management at Instacoins Group, offered some in-depth insight into what exactly his role entails, his vision for the company’s future and a look at some of the hurdles faced by the Fintech and Blockchain sector in general.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have worked across various industries spanning: insurance, regulatory, financial learning, recruitment, operations and payments and have held several functions, duties and responsibilities. Landing a job in sales and business development, I realized my true calling, discovering the thrill I reap by creating & nurturing new business collaborations. Further into my career, I have also invested money into a recruitment franchise, running my own business and establishing relationships both locally & internationally. From a young age, I was an avid tech enthusiast and I closely followed the development and merge of both Finance & Technology, which led me to cultivate a keen interest in FinTech. It has been long on my mind to shift my career within this emerging sector and to hone my skills within such a buzzing industry. This dream came true when I landed a job as Head of Sales & Client Account Management at Instacoins Group, offering the opportunity to be a part of the management team of an industry innovator.

What is your role at Instacoins Group?

As Head of Sales & Client Account Management, I’m responsible for promoting and selling the company services, seeking new business opportunities, managing contract agreements with business partners, nurturing and building relationships with new and existing clients and constantly scouting for sales opportunities. I also conduct marketing and advertising analysis and formulate strategies thereto. An exciting aspect of my job is the development of new ideas & collaborations, and bringing such to fruition, and beyond. 

What sets Instacoins Group apart from other Fintech companies?

Ease of use, smooth, secure, instant delivery, global coverage and superb customer service – are amongst the key reasons why clients should consider transacting with Instacoins. These aspects are the cornerstone of the business and truly sets the brand in a class of its own. The extremely positive customer feedback is a strong testimony to Instacoin’s commitment and hard work. I’m extremely proud to be part of a company that delivers such sterling service, and provides unparalleled support to its clientele; this is truly how a business should operate. 

What is the biggest challenge currently within the FinTech industry and how does Instacoins plan to overcome it?

Regulatory Harmonization or rather the lack of, across different jurisdictions is a painstaking aspect for FinTech, specifically the cryptocurrency sector. At Instacoins, we have a diligent Legal & Compliance team to keep us abreast of constant regulatory developments. User Retention & User Experience is another known industry hurdle. Instacoins has ensured from day-one to operate an effective customer support department to maintain smooth services with its clients both, pre and post service delivery. We have also hired an expert in UX/UI to ensure our online platforms and user experiences are user-friendly and smooth to navigate through. Personalized Service is a primary and core factor for many companies for a long time. However, in today’s scenario, personalization means interacting with an end-user at the right time, on their preferred channels, with a proper solution to their specific needs. At Instacoins we operate different contact points via popular messaging apps or communication tools and Website Online Chats to ensure we provide timely responses in whichever medium the client prefers. Effective Marketing – generally, fintech companies struggle to understand their niche target audience. We live in a highly competitive world, offering the best product or service is not enough to meet clients expectations. Companies must effectively inform their audience what they have created and accomplished. At Instacoins, this is an area of growth and we are working hard to devise effective marketing strategies to help us continue to grow the brand’s popularity internationally; by creating further brand awareness and spearheading exciting new projects. A recent project is a travel portal which allows end-users to book their flights and pay with Bitcoin.

How does the mission of the company align with your own visions?

Instacoins mission is to make virtual currencies easily accessible by providing a buying process that is smooth, fast and unobtrusive, whilst ensuring heightened security and customer service throughout. In tandem with the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide, we are indeed living in interesting times and it is exciting and fulfilling to be part of this journey, as well as being a key contributor helping shape this vibrant industry. It is rewarding knowing both myself, and the company I represent, are working hard to leave an indelible mark on the progress of crypto adoption.

Which part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Undoubtedly the most enjoyable aspect is the building & maintaining of client business relations. In doing so, I like to explore and understand the particular and niche business requirements of each client business. There are some very successful businesses out there, and amazing entrepreneurs who constantly think outside of the box to improve their products or services unique selling points. It is a humbling experience to be exposed to various entrepreneurial undertakings, and to serve as an instrument to enable unique propositions to eventually help grow their business.

How do you see yourself making an impact in this role?

One key lesson learned throughout these years is that activity is not equal to productivity, and creating silo mini-activities with corresponding mini-goals is the best recipe for achieving long-term goals. Some tips gathered along the way are to leverage on the company brand and internal resources to do the selling; continuously ask; always keep a watchful eye for opportunities; exchange information all the time; nurture relations inside out; wear the customers’ shoes; time is critical; always be closing; accept and learn from objections; try out new approaches and methodologies and seek constant feedback, both from peers and customers. The journey for an employee and a company is intertwined, and there is certainly a common goal, to shake up the industry whilst offering sterling service throughout.

Where do you see Instacoins Group in 5 years?

To have a proper understanding of where Instacoins is heading, it’s good to have foresight of how the crypto industry will shape in the coming years. I anticipate a much broader institutional cryptocurrency adoption across various industries & businesses; Bitcoin will continue to grow as a unit of account like other major currencies; at least 50% of the current cryptocurrencies will decline to their demise; and clarity and structure with respect to crypto regulation will further stimulate the growth and consolidation of certain cryptos. Aligned to these future developments, Instacoins will continue to consolidate its range of services to cater for a broader audience. The services of today are only the start of an exciting journey which will see the group venture into many other niche areas within the luxury sector, and beyond.

If you could give your past self-one advice, what would it be?

I would invest in Bitcoin in November 2020 and sell a year later in November 2021 and re-buy again today, earning a considerable margin, however that is the wishful thinking of every trader and investor. Joking aside, I would suggest to myself that I get involved in the crypto & blockchain domain earlier. There is huge scope and potential, and whilst it’s never too late in the game, certainly being at the early stage gives oneself a considerable vantage point. I am excited for what lies ahead, and look forward to being a key contributor to the success of Instacoins Group.

A big thank you to Robert for sharing his key industry knowledge and expertise with us. Should you wish to get in touch with Robert, you can do so by emailing with your queries and he will get back to you with all available offers and products that you might require.

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