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Our user-friendly digital asset platform empowers you
to buy and manage crypto.

Buy, send, and store crypto.
Invest in Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies from $X.
Wide range of global payment options.
Instacoins Europe EOOD is a registered and EU-licensed digital assets service provider with the BNRA.

Breaking Down Barriers

At Instacoins, we envision a world where everyone can access and control their financial wealth, and you can invest or send money at the click of a button.

Our mission is to remove barriers and reduce friction by providing a financial crypto service that is secure, accessible, fast, and easy to use—enabling everyone to invest in cryptocurrency without any prior knowledge or experience.


Empowering Our Customers

Our company offers a practical yet powerful platform that helps everyone, from beginners to institutional investors, to buy, invest, and manage crypto efficiently.

Everything on our platform is pixel-perfect, providing you with a great experience when dealing with crypto. We enable you to buy cryptocurrency at a low cost, with after-services extending to world-class storage and security, along with the option to send crypto to external wallets.


You and Your Crypto Are in Good Hands

Since 2018, we’ve been bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto, enabling people to buy cryptocurrencies. We have built a service that allows people worldwide to send, receive, and store crypto.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our trusted and world-leading partners and service providers.

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Our Company Culture and Values

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We Dive Right In

Enjoying the process by embracing challenges, celebrating achievements, and having fun—sharing optimism and confidence.

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Embrace Challenges

Looking for ways to improve, scale, and reinvent—coming up with new and better ideas to guide you and make it easy to buy Bitcoin/crypto.

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Always Go The Extra Mile

We look at every interaction down to the pixels so we can advance and deliver the best services to our customers—going above and beyond to solve problems.

Our Entities

Instacoins Ltd

Back Administration Office


5, Triq Vincenzo Bugeja Floriana FRN1562 Malta

Instacoins Europe EOOD

Head Office

+1 888 772 0207 (Toll-Free )

+44 204 502 1242 (Global )

63, Office 1, Tsar Boris III Blvd, 1612 Hipodruma, Sofia, Bulgaria

Instacoins USA LLC

+1 844 205 9201

1013 Centre Road Suite, 4035 Wilmington, Delaware 19805, United States of America

Hear What Others Have
to Say About Us

Get the perspective of other investors that use Instacoins.

over 1 year ago

A quick and easy way of purchasing…

A quick and easy way of purchasing bitcoin. The verification process is straightforward and the website very user friendly.

Harvey Winner


almost 2 years ago

Sarah is a very professional & friendly…

Sarah is a very professional & friendly agent, most helpful too. She patiently answered all my questions knowledgeably & to satisfaction! And very prompt too--as she has sent the email to help with completing the verification process!



almost 2 years ago

Easy to purchase Bitcoin unlike some of…

Easy to purchase Bitcoin unlike some of the other platforms so prefer to use these than get confused elsewhere

Steve Bing


about 2 years ago

Safe and easy way to buy bitcoin using…

Safe and easy way to buy bitcoin using your debit card . Initially when I was a Crypto newbie I felt lost when singing up to exchanges. Instacoins made the process a whole lot simpler and you get added protection that a lot of exchanges don't offer

John O Rourke


about 2 years ago

Ludmila is Great

Ludmila was extremely patient and super helpful beyon words. She offered to even stay on the chat with me, after pointing me in the right direction which made me feel super comfortable. She was delightful and made this whole experience a great one!



over 2 years ago

Reliable and user friendly

I've been doing monthly BTC purchases through this platform and find it very easy to use. Will continue to build my nest egg.

Karl Robertson


over 2 years ago

I am new to this site and I had some…

I am new to this site and I had some trouble logging in and getting verified! They were absolutely amazing! They got me in my account and waited with me until the process was completed!! I am more than pleased especially when doing something new it's good to feel supported!!

Great Service


over 2 years ago

Sabrina assisted me with my…

Sabrina assisted me with my verification process and she was most helpful. I wish all chats were like hers. I absolutely love instacoins on a whole. Very professional, very straightforward. I'd give a 6 star rating if it was an option!!

Tarsia Matthew


almost 3 years ago

Sarah A.

The individuals whom provide the customer care are caring and patient. They make you feel special and important on a personal level. It’s difficult to explain it to put into words but I’ll try. This world would be a better place if everyone could both be treated this manor and treat other this way. Thanks again.

Eddie Coleman


almost 3 years ago

worked with Charlie on getting first…

worked with Charlie on getting first time bitcoin and document verification process done...lots of steps but he took me clearly through it with lots of patience...outstanding support!!

Dave Draft


about 3 years ago

Pretty good service

So as long as you follow all the details there is no problems with this service. Yes they charge a lot more than going rate for bitcoin but I received mine and had no issues after confirming my details (Twice yes) but they resolved my issues and made sure my money got to where it was supposed to be. I feel many of the ratings here were due to poor communication and not verifying their identity properly.

Adam Hendrickson