Prohibited Activities

By creating and registering a Instacoins account, you agree that you will not engage, accept or initiate payments connected with the following companies, organisations, items, activities or procedures as outlined below. If you are unclear as to what comprises a Prohibited Activity, contact us.

Illegal Activity: Any illegal action that would represent a violation or would aid in the violation of including (but not limited to) any legislation, law, statute in the United Kingdom and any territory in which Instacoins Services are made available.

Fraudulent Purpose: Any fraudulent action, including (but not limited to) trading in bankruptcy, any effort to deceive, extort, misrepresent or present deceptive and inaccurate details to any person including Instacoins and Instacoins clients.

Intellectual Property Violations: Engaging in counterfeit items or any item or service that impedes upon the intellectual property of any third-party. This includes (but is not limited to) copyright, trademark, or patent.

Banned and controlled substances: Buying or selling, or in any way dealing in illegal drugs, controlled substances, doctor prescribed and prescription services, drug paraphernalia, or any compounds designed to simulate illegal drugs.

Unlawful adult content and services: Obtaining, selling, purchasing or in any other way dealing in outlawed adult materials and services, including restricted images of abuse and other detrimental content.

Terrorism. Supporting or funding of terrorism or transmitting funds to any terrorist organisation.

High Risk financial or business actions.

Penalties: The transport of Bitcoin from your Instacoins account to any wallet managed by a person or entity within the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation – HM Treasury, consolidated list of financial targets in the United Kingdom.

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