Frequently Asked Questions

Instacoins is one of the easiest and most trusted places to buy Bitcoin securely.

You can purchase Bitcoin with your credit or debit card, provided that the card is either a Mastercard or VISA.

You can also purchase via bank wire (currently SEPA and EUR only).

You do not need to fund your account on Instacoins. Simply select the amount you’d like to purchase and where you want to send the Bitcoin to and you will be redirected to a secure payment page or to bank wire instructions. Instacoins will never hold any of your money on its own account.

For credit/debit card payments, the coins are sent as soon as your payment and wallet address are confirmed. This is usually instant.

For bank wires, this might depend on a few factors but usually takes a few days. Please refer to your bank for more information.

At this time, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that we offer.

We are not a wallet service. Feel free to visit to obtain a free Bitcoin wallet.

No, Instacoins can only be used to buy Bitcoin.

No. Each transaction will be directly between you and Instacoins.

Visit see a complete record of Bitcoins that have been sent to the address you specified.

As there is no central exchange controlling the rate, each website that you visit will have its own Bitcoin rate.

The fee that we charge for processing the transaction is 9% – this is already included in the rate displayed prior to completing your credit card purchase.

For purchases done via wire you will get an indicative exchange rate when you place your order, and the final rate will be determined at the moment we receive the money in the designated account.

Simply click on the ‘Transaction History’ link to view a complete list of your past activities.

Your bank or card company has likely placed a pre-authorization on your account for the purchase amount but has not cleared the payment. A pre-authorization simply saves the transaction for future approval (or decline). This typically expires after 72 hours, meaning the transaction will be declined by your bank and the funds will be released, but banks will have different timelines for this. Speak with your bank or card company if you have questions.

In most cases, your bank is likely blocking the transaction from going through. Speak to one of our agents over live chat to get more information on why this may be happening. Alternatively, send us an email on and include all relevant information and/or screenshots.

We offer our service in as many countries as possible but reserve the right to not offer services to residents of countries which have laws in place that restrict cryptocurrency transactions.

Feel free to pay with your local currency, but note that pricing will be displayed in EUR, USD or GBP on our website.

The minimum purchase is EUR/USD/GBP 50.

For credit/debit cards you can buy up to EUR/USD/GBP 50,000, on a rolling 30-day basis. Please note any single transaction may not exceed EUR/USD/GBP 5,000.

There is no maximum for wire transfers, but larger amounts may be subject to additional verification before processing.

Our policy is strictly one account per person. Attempts to circumvent this will result in one or all of your accounts being suspended.

Click on the ‘Register New Card’ link from the menu on the left. Upload your new credit card images in the appropriate slots and click ‘Submit’.

As part of our anti-money laundering requirements, each person who uses our services must upload a copy of their valid photo identification and current residential address proof.

A Passport, Driver’s Licence, or National Identity card (both sides) are acceptable forms of photo identification. Other forms may be accepted, provided that they show your photo and are government issued. The document must show your date of birth and a valid expiry date. Note that even if your ID card does have your address, it cannot be used as both ID and address proof.

At times we may require you to take a selfie with your ID for identity verification purposes. To take a good Selfie ID, please follow the following steps:

  • Make sure you are in a room with ample light
  • Select the best available photo quality for your device
  • Hold up your ID document close your face
  • Make sure both your face and your ID are clear enough before sending

It’s important to avoid covering up any information on the ID document, as this will render the Selfie ID invalid.

We primarily accept bank or credit card statements or utility bills (Gas, water, electricity, fixed line telephone). We encourage you to blank out sensitive information on financial documents such as the first few digits of your account or credit card number.

Please note that the submitted document must be in your name and dated within the past three months (90 days).

No, we do not store any card or bank details within our systems or elsewhere besides the data we need to process your transaction.

Unlike many exchanges, we do not store your payment details anywhere on our site or servers. As for your personal details and documents, those are encrypted.

Of course – click on the “Password and Security” tab from the menu to access the password area. There, you will need to enter your old password and then the new password of your choosing. Please note that you will need to choose a Password that includes a Minimum of 8 Characters and at least minimum one upper case letter, one number and one special case letter.

Yes we do – click on “Password and Security” from the menu and then click on ‘Enable 2FA’

Exchanging fiat money to crypto-currency is largely unregulated across the globe. Despite this, we are among the first companies to have applied to be regulated in Malta under the Virtual Financial Assets Act.

Our application enables us to legally operate while the regulatory process is underway.

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